Class Regulation

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
Collegium Medicum
School of Public Health

for students of the English Division of the Medical Faculty of the Medical College of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn


1.   General information

1.1 Classes are carried out at the Department of Medical Biology

1.2 Employees responsible for the implementation of the subject:

  1. The Head of the Department; prof. Ewa Dzika
  2. The course coordinator; Małgorzata Lepczyńska (PhD)

1.3 Persons responsible for the implementation of specific types of activities: Małgorzata Lepczyńska (PhD), Joanna Korycińska (PhD), Ewa Dzika (prof.)

1.4 The place, time and subject of individual forms of classes and credits are specified in the following documents: study plan, syllabus, schedule and topic of classes

1.5 Teaching classes have the form:classes (18 hours).

2. Classes are conducted in groups of 10 people.
3. Rules for student participation in specific forms of classes:
  • Students must strictly obey starting and ending dates of the semester. You cannot be late at the beginning or leave early at the end of the academic year; there will be no exceptions to this rule. Labs begin exactly at the given time. You are obligated to be 5 minutes earlier than your scheduled class. If you are late you won’t be allowed to participate in labs.
    • Always check the subject before the lab begins and learn it.
    • No food and drink are allowed in classes.No mobile phones, tablets and/or cameras are allowed in classes (copyright violation).
    • The Head of the Medical Biology Department has the right to refuse to put your grades to the USOS if you have not attended the labs or if you have not obtained the credits required for the completion of the course.
    • During labs, problems may be resolved by the Assistant - Tutor Małgorzata Lepczyńska (PhD), or (if necessary) by the Head of the Department – Prof. Ewa Dzika.
    • Refusing to sign these rules means you are not allowed to participate in classes.

4. Class attendance, justification and making up for absence

4.1. Presence in all forms of classes is obligatory.

4.2. All absences must be excused.

4.3 In special random cases a one-time excused absence from class is allowed.

4.4 The excuse for absences from individual classes is carried out in accordance with the procedure specifying the rules for justifying absences from classes and credits at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

4.5 In case of Students absence during classes she/he may join to other group having this same current subject.

4.6 Procedure in case of unexcused absence: absence in a given class is tantamount to failing it.

5. The rules for individual forms of classes:

5.1 Lectures

a. The material from the lectures is included to the final theoretical test 

5.2 Classes

The way of verification of students preparing to the subject
  • Materials: Students are obligated to know the actual topic of the classes before it starts.
  • Passing forms: Requirement for passing the classes and allowing to the semester pass (theoretical and practical test) is active participation in the scheduled classes as well as at least sufficient knowledge of the material - obtained 60% possible to achieve from short tests taking place in each of the exercises. Short test includes open questions as well as MCQ.
  • Grading scale (short tests): 24-27 points (p) – 3.0; 28-30p – 3.5; 31-33p – 4.0; 34-36p – 4.5; 37-40p – 5.0
  • In case of lower amount of points collected during classes (<24p), student attempt to the additional test losing the first term of the final exam.

The final passing grade is the average of the grade obtained for short tests during the classes and the grade for the final (theoretical and practical) pass.

6. Semester credit

  • Requirement for passing the classes and allowing to the semester pass (theoretical and practical test) is active participation in the scheduled classes as well as at least sufficient knowledge of the material - obtained 60% possible to achieve from short tests taking place in each of the exercises.
  • Obligatory material for the semester pass: lectures, classes
  • Theoretical test: 15 open questions and 15 MCQ, Practical test: 10 parasites to recognize
  • The teacher who is responsible for the final exam: Małgorzata Lepczyńska (PhD); place: Department of Medical Biology; term: Class 6.
  • Grading: (theoretical test):  18-20p – 3.0; 21-23p – 3.5; 24-26p – 4.0; 27-28p – 4.5; 29-30p – 5.0.
    (practical test): 6p- 3.0; 7p - 3.5; 8p - 4.0; 9p - 4.5; 10p – 5.0
  • The Student has the right to take the semester credit three times (both, theoretical and practical test).
  • 1st term: 13,15.05.2024r.

7. Defining the rules of access to individual form of credits

Short tests are available for viewing for two weeks from the date they were written. Semester credits are available for viewing within one week of writing.

8. Academic rule of law and integrity: theuse of electronic devices by students during test or the use of other unauthorized methods and accessories excluding or limiting the self-reliance of examined person presenting their knowledge  or skills will constitute the basis for:

  • Inserting an unsatisfactory grade
  • Initiating disciplinary proceedings and imposing a disciplinary penalty specified in legal provisions about higher education

9. Issues not regulated in the present regulations of classes in the subject Medical Parasitology  in the Department of Medical Biology remain the responsibility of the Head of Department – prof. Ewa Dzika.

10. The course regulations are consistent with the UWM Study Regulations as well as procedures in force at the Collegium Medicum.

11. The student is required to read the Work Safety Regulations (health and safety rules) at the place of classes and the EU directive RODO.

12. A detailed description of the health and safety rules in force in the place where all forms of classes are carried out: No food and drink are allowed during classes. Smoking is forbidden